About Our Il Padrino

Our team is led by Frank Foti, Founder, chief developer, and CEO of Syndicate of Sounds. He is a pioneer in broadcast audio processing and broadcast engineering. His numerous technical achievements have helped to shape the sound of broadcast audio for the last 40 years. He is responsible for creating “Déjà Vu”, the breakthrough technology that creates a natural sounding 5.1 immersive upmix, both for live events and recorded audio material. He also created the Non-Aliasing DSP Clipper and Low-IMD Clipping technologies, both of which push the envelope in terms of the high level of performance for radio broadcasts.  Other technical breakthroughs and patents include the Dividend Composite Filter; Dynamically Flat Time-Aligned Crossovers; and Multi-Band Look-Ahead Limiting.

Frank has numerous awards for his work in broadcast engineering, including the prestigious NAB Excellence in Engineering Award for his significant contributions, which, according to NAB, “have advanced the state-of-the-art in broadcast engineering.” He is also Executive Chairman, and majority owner, of Telos Alliance, a worldwide leader of audio solutions for all forms of broadcasting.

Prior to the Telos Alliance, he was chief engineer at the legendary WMMS and WHK(AM) in Cleveland, where he got his start developing custom audio processing systems for radio stations. His later work at KSAN and KNEW(AM), San Francisco, and Z-100 (WHTZ-FM) in New York cemented his reputation as a leader in the signal processing field. In fact, he helped take the latter from “worst radio station” in New York City, to the number-one station in only 74 days. WHTZ is chronicled in the documentary film “From Worst To First, The True Story of Z100, New York.” His technology is used by the majority of Top 100 rated radio stations in the USA, and in all major radio stations worldwide.

Outside the world of audio, he is deeply involved in the world of 1/8th scale live steam railroading, as well as building an HO scale empire in his steam-powered man-cave!

Our corporate headquarters is proudly located in the heart of the Rock and Roll Capital of the world, Cleveland, Ohio!