You'll Want to Hear This...

Immersive 5.1 surround sound audio from any stereo or two-channel audio track!

No perceptual tricks, no phase-modification, nada! Just superior 5.1 audio.....

Meet Déjà Vu

With Déjà Vu technology, hear the music like never before as Déjà Vu converts stereo audio into 5.1 surround sound, maintaining the natural sonic integrity, frequency response, and audio level, all while faithfully supporting the original production characteristics of the music.

With Déjà Vu, the audio doesn't sound squished or distorted, allowing your audience to fully immerse themselves in the audio experience.

Live venues can now offer an unparalleled audio experience that is second to none with 5.1 surround sound powered by Déjà Vu.

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Who We Are

Our team, made up of audio engineers, software designers, and recording producers, is united by a shared passion for sound. We are dedicated to developing technology that preserves the integrity of audio material, while also creating immersive, natural-sounding upmixes and level control for all types of content.

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Coming Soon! Meet Déjà-can

Déjà-can is the ultimate solution for headphone manufacturers looking to create the finest and most natural-sounding immersive audio. With our proprietary technology, we are able to produce immersive upmixes that sound just as natural as the original stereo version.

Our team has thoroughly researched and addressed the common issues with unnatural-sounding upmix algorithms. With Déjà-can, you'll experience your favorite audio in a whole new way, with instruments and nuances of the recording coming to life that you may have never heard before.

Try it Out for Yourself

Hearing is believing. Download Déjà Vu free and listen for yourself. Available in PC and MAC. If you're a musician, band, or engineer, give it a go! Upmix your music into true 5.1 surround sound with Déjà Vu