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Experience true, 21st century 5.1 immersive audio.
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Who We Are

We are driven by sonic passion! Our team of audiophiles consists of audio engineers, software designers, and recording producers—all with one goal in mind: making audio sound the way it should!  

Our journey is about creating technologies that keep the sonic qualities of audio material while creating the most natural sounding immersive upmixes and level control—no matter what the content.

Meet DéjàVu

Using our DéjàVu technology, live venues can offer an immersive experience that is second to none.

Hear the audio as you’ve never heard it before.

Creating a natural-sounding up-mix from stereo to surround or immersive is an art form. It will also make all the difference in the world for listeners and viewers.

Audio doesn’t sound squished or distorted, instead, your audience will enjoy the audio and immersive themselves in the experience.

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Meet Déjà-can

Déjà-can is designed for headphone manufacturers to create the finest and the most natural-sounding immersive audio around. 

Enjoy your favorite audio in immersive thanks to Déjà-can. We use our own ‘secret sauce’ to create immersive up mixes that sound as natural as the stereo.

We studied a lot of the challenges with an unnatural sound that other up-mix algorithms have.

Déjà will have you listening to your favorite sounds in a completely new way, hearing instruments and nuisances of the recordings you would not hear in the stereo version. 

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